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4th Degree News Section

Faithful Navigator

Sir William ALATI
Phone Number
1 (734) 347-0426
#1266 Corporate Communion St. Miachel's

Faithful Comptroller

Sir Phillip WESLEY
Phone Number
1 (734) 847-8580

Last Update - December 11th, 2017

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Upcoming Patriotic (4th Degree) Exemplifications

Spring 2018 Exemplification dates have been posted.

Please visit the Minor and Major Degree Page.

Contact one of the following 4th Degree Knights for more information:


Nothing Noted at this time.

Vol. 58 Issue #1  1907-2018  December 2017 January February 2018

#1266 Corporate Communion St. Miachel's

Assembly #0488 - News

Meetings are at 7:00pm on the Third Wednesdayof each month.

Location is in the Lounge for Council #1266​

4th Degree News & Upcoming Events

NOTICE- Future 4th Degree Meeting Location-NOTICE

Meeting Location has CHANGED.

At the November 2017 4th Degree Business Meeting the membership in attendance

voted and APPROVED the Meeting Location change.

As of January 2018 the 4th Degree Meeting will now be located at

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

8330 Lewis Ave.

Temperance, MI  48182

Meeting night DID NOT change.

Still the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  7:00pm.

December 2017 4th Degree Meeting will still take place at Council #1266

(Current Location.)

2018 Dues

Dues Collection Has Begun

Honorary Life Member (4th Degree) - Dues $0.00

Honorary Member (4th Degree) - Dues $10.00

Member (4th Degree) - Dues $20.00

Consider a monetary donation to one of the following:

Color Corps Fund

Chalice Program

State T-10 Program

Ultra-Sound Initiative

(If a donation is included in your payment please indicate which program you desire the funds to be placed.)

Make Checks Payable to:

Assembly #0488

Mail Payments to:

Assembly #0488 Comptroller

1831 Pine Valley

Temperance, MI  48182


Please contact the Color Corp Commander

for your availability to attend.

Assignments will be updated as received from the

Color Corp Commander.