Color Legend
MEETINGS (Council / Building Association / 4th Degree / Goodfellows)
SPECIAL DAYS (Holidays / Time Change / Feast Days / etc.)

February 2020
Feb 17thWashington's BirthdayAll Day
Feb 18thCouncil Bingo5:45pm
Feb 19th4th Degree (Patriotic) Business Meeting7:00pm
Feb 20thMen's Prayer Group5:45am
Feb 20thSharon & Leo Weekly Lounge Luncheons
Feb 25thCouncil Bingo5:45pm
Feb 26thAsh WednesdayAll Day
Feb 26thCouncil Social (Lounge) Bring a Dish to Pass6:00pm
Feb 27thNO - Sharon & Leo Weekly Lounge Luncheons - DURING LENT
Feb 28thLenten Fish Fry (1 of 7)4:30pm
Feb 29thLeap DAYAll Day
March 2020
Mar 3rdCouncil Bingo5:45pm
Mar 5thMen's Prayer Group5:45am
Mar 6thLenten Fish Fry (2 of 7)4:30pm
Mar 7th4th Degree Spring Exemplification8:30am
Mar 8thDay Light Savings Time (Move Forward)2:00am
Mar 10thCouncil Bingo5:45pm
Mar 11thCouncil Business Meeting7:00pm
Mar 11thBuilding Association Meeting8:00pm
Mar 13thLenten Fish Fry (3 of 7)4:30pm
Mar 17thSt. Patrick's DayAll Day
Mar 17thCouncil Bingo5:45pm
Mar 18th4th Degree (Patriotic) Business Meeting7:00pm
Mar 19thMen's Prayer Group5:45am
Mar 19thSpring BeginsAll Day
Mar 20thLenten Fish Fry (4 of 7)4:30pm
Mar 24thCouncil Bingo5:45pm
Mar 25thCouncil Social (Lounge) Bring a Dish to Pass
Mar 27thLenten Fish Fry (5 of 7)4:30pm
Mar 28thCraft Show - Halls 1 and 29:00am
Mar 31stCouncil Bingo5:45pm