​"Ultra-Sound Initiative"



​​The best way to help stop an abortion is to show a picture of the baby in the mothers womb.

​Recent technological advances have made it possible to show mother-to-be a 3D and now 4D images if their baby.

​This has helped many a mother to choose LIFE over an abortion.

​As the Knights of Columbus Organization the most important Charitable act we can perform is anything related to helping a mother choose life for their baby.

​The Knights of Columbus can help by providing a New Ultra-Sound Machine to Crisis Pregnancy Centers.  But in order to provide a machine we need everyone's help.  This can be either a monetary donation or prayers.  Each of these will help tremendously.

Council #1266 is currently accepting donations to help with this initiative.

If you are able please CONTACT the Council.

More Information to come.

​Check Back.

This page will display the current on-going Fund Raising campaigns.