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Entry Date -18th Jul, 2016

Listing of Notable Knights of Columbus

Entry Date - 7th June 2016

Facts about the Pledge of Allegiance

Pay Attention to #10

Entry Date - 21st Feb, 2017

Council #1266 1st 50 years

by PGK Joseph A. De Sloover

Entry Date - 7th Jun, 2016

Interesting Facts about Christopher Columbus

This page will contain Insurance News / News / Facts about the Knights of Columbus. 

New items will be added on a irregular basis.

Please check back occasionally to see if there have been any new facts entered.

The date of entry will be posted in the description of fact.

Entry Date - 8th Jun, 2016

Emblems and Officer Jewels


Entry Date -14th Apr, 2016

Listing of All Supreme Knights with a link to their Biographies.

Entry Date -19th Feb, 2017

First Council Courier Vol 1 Issue 1

​Dated September 9th, 1959